Studio Recording – You bring the music to us at our Tampa recording studio. Location recording – We bring the studio to you.

Our studio in Tampa was initially designed to travel. It was built from the ground up with one thing in one in mind – recording the music where it happens. Capturing live performances is one of the hardest things to accomplish, so of course, that’s what we hung our hat on. We have been musicians our entire lives and the things that have bothered us for years are the things that probably bother you. Why can’t a band just play while someone presses RECORD? Why does it have to be more complicated than that? Why should bands have to compromise the thing they have been working on all along – playing together? One of our core beliefs is that the mojo created by people in a room with their instruments cannot be replaced by studio trickery. There is no Pro Tools edit button for adding magic to a recording. If you Bring it, we’ll capture it.

Today we have a large recording space in Tampa and we love the sound. We have 3 isolation booths and an open live room with high ceilings for recording drums. Digital mixers help you find your perfect headphone mix for playing live together with other musicians. The whole system is designed to make it easy for you to record with live players organically, looking each other in the eye as you record.

Click here to listen to some of the projects we have had the privilege of recording at our Tampa recording studio.

We also have a ton of gear on hand if you need to find a tone for your track – amps by Vox, Fender, Ampeg, GK, SWR, and on and on. There is a large collection of snare drums and drum kits on site. We keep a vintage Gretsch kit set up and ready to go. The guitar amps are miked up and ready. If you need to cut something in a hurry, let us know and we will do our best to get you in and out as quickly as possible without running up a clock.

We are heavily invested in technology with vintage tone and modern sensibility – 500 series mic preamps from CAPI designs that recreate the tone of the API preamps of the ’70s. These mic preamps have the tone of a million hit records. We have an ever expanding mic locker with classics and new technology that will be classics tomorrow. We have the gear.

We can re-amp your dry DI tracks through one of our amps. If you feel more comfortable tracking guitars at home but still want killer professional tone? Let us know and we can help you do it.

Basically, we understand how modern recording is done. You should do as much pre-production before running up studio costs as you know how to do. If you need a turnkey solution we can do that also. We understand. We have been musicians for years struggling to find ways of getting it done. Come to us with your recording problems and we will help you find the best solutions we can offer. Its technology and engineering, not magic.