DIY Gear

There is a ton of excellent and highly regarded DIY recording equipment out there, but so much of it only comes in pieces. We know that not everybody can solder and that’s where we come in.

We may offer many services in the audio industry, but we enjoy building DIY recording equipment the most. If you’re as much of a gear slut as we are then you understand that looking at gear is almost as much fun as listening to it. This deep-seated philosophy of ours holds build quality and presentation as the highest priorities in all of our items; because clean, thoroughly checked builds lead to electrical and mechanical integrity and longevity.

The staff of our recording studio in Tampa recognized the potential of DIY recording equipment only after several months of research, intensive forum browsing, reading customer testimonials, and listening to blind shoot outs posted online. We decided to begin our personal preamplifier collection by building some for ourselves. A few years and 1000+ hours worth of solder fumes inhaled later we have built over 30 different models of preamplifier and microphone kits from several of the highest regarded DIY suppliers.